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The Science’s Festival 2013

Treat, try, participate in laboratories visit, have a dialogue with researchers, discover the different businesses by the research, stimulate your taste for the sciences! The science’s Festival, present thousands of free animations, everywhere in France. In this occasion, the science surrounds the public places and the researchers come to meet you.

Theme 2013: " from the infinitely big at the infinitesimal "

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European Heritage Days

The 3rd weekend of September, the Heritage Days are the opportunity to discover free of charge (and often with a guide) monuments usually closed for the public.

We ( re )discover palaces, castles, museums, ministries, abbeys, …


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The Rummage sale of Lille: "LA BRADERIE"

The first weekend of September, here is the biggest rummage sale of Europe and a big moment of the festive North’s folklore.

More than 15 000 sellers and from 2 to 3 million visitors.

Join us for one of the main event in our city!

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A new museum near Lille

Enjoy your visit in Lille and discover the Louvre Lens

More information :

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