Topicality - 2014

du 20/06/2014 au 22/07/2014
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Genius Strokes 

Until July 22nd, take advantage of the Fine arts Palace. Discover the selection of more than 200  beautiful drawings of the Wicar collection .

We find many famous artist works, like Raphaël, Michel-angel, Botticelli. 
The exhibition will show you that the drawing art continues to evolve. 

Schedules: on Monday (from 2 pm till 6 pm) / The rest of the week (from 10 am till 6 pm)

Price: 6€

du 01/06/2014 au 03/06/2014
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The France Garden

Planted in 2003, the demonstration on the 1st weekend of June is organized by the Ministry of Culture and Communication and implemented by Regional Cultural Affairs Directorates.

In association with the french Committee of parks and gardens. It presents us beautiful public and private gardens.


du 14/04/2014 au 21/04/2014
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International festival  independent movie festival  in Lille - Cinémondes

Art-house cinema, movies independents, sharp authors, filmgoing reviews, with reels from the whole world and the distinguished guests.
Meeting at the Fine arts Palace , in  the cinemas L'Univers et L'Hybride.

Le 10/03/2014
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Visits Discovered to the museum of Modern art!

The Museum of modern Art Lille Métropole, is a museum situated in the Villneuve-d'Ascq’s urban park in Lille metropolis.

With more than 4 800 works on more than 4 000 m2, LAM is the only museum in Europe to present simultaneously the main components of the art: the modairne, contemporary and gross