Topicality - 2014

du 01/11/2014 au 30/12/2014
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From Wednesday 19 November to Tuesday 30 December 2014 : from 11h to 20h open daily 

With Christmas approaching, Lille is decked out in lights and colour. Around the Christmas market, the whole town is covered in a huge crown of garlands. On Place Rihour, 80 wooden chalets teem with gift ideas, nativity figurines, Christmas decorations and festive food. You can find regional specialities here, and you can also find arts and crafts from Russia, Canada and Poland! And that's...

du 01/10/2014 au 26/01/2015
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Sesostris III, pharaon de légende

From Friday 10 October 2014 to Sunday 25 January 2015 : from 10h to 18h daily except on Tuesday (le lundi de 14h à 18h)

The Pharaoh Senusret III was one of the most emblematic monarchs in Ancient Egypt. At the peak of the Middle Kingtom, his reign marked a turning-point in the history of Ancient Egypt. This strategist and visionary sovereign conquered Nubia where he had a network of fortresses built; set the first boundaries of his kingdom and established trade and strong diplomatic relations with his eastern neighbours.
The exhibition comprises around 200 loans from major international museums (Louvre, British Museum, Metropolitan Museum, Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, Berlin Egyptian Museum, National Museum of Khartoum and National Museum of Beirut) and around 100 objects from the Egyptology collection of excavated works belonging to the University of Lille III, usually conserved at the Palais des Beaux-Arts.

› Prices : Adult price 10€, Reduced price 8€, Other price 7€ lundi, du mercredi au vendredi après 16h30

› Pets : Pets not allowed
du 10/09/2014 au 22/09/2014
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Les journées européennes du patrimoine

From Saturday 20 September to Sunday 21 September 2014 : daily 

Many towns in Lille Métropole take part in the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, where you can discover hidden traces of our heritage...

du 01/09/2014 au 21/09/2014
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Name festival


From Friday 19 September to Saturday 20 September 2014 : from 22h to 06h daily 

NAME Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in September 2014!
NAME festival - Nord Art Musiques Electroniques - is a festival dedicated to electronic culture, whatever way you look at it. DJs, live gigs and VJs: the line up is made of stars of the dancefloor, strong music trends as well as new things! The NAME festival, it's also a day version in Lille Gare Saint Sauveur, masterclasses and events in associated venues of the metropolis.
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du 20/06/2014 au 22/07/2014
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Genius Strokes 

Until July 22nd, take advantage of the Fine arts Palace. Discover the selection of more than 200  beautiful drawings of the Wicar collection .

We find many famous artist works, like Raphaël, Michel-angel, Botticelli. 
The exhibition will show you that the drawing art continues to evolve. 

Schedules: on Monday (from 2 pm till 6 pm) / The rest of the week (from 10 am till 6 pm)

Price: 6€

du 10/03/2014 au 01/12/2015
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Visits Discovered to the museum of Modern art!

The Museum of modern Art Lille Métropole, is a museum situated in the Villneuve-d'Ascq’s urban park in Lille metropolis.

With more than 4 800 works on more than 4 000 m2, LAM is the only museum in Europe to present simultaneously the main components of the art: the modairne, contemporary and gross



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