Topicality - September 2014

du 10/09/2014 au 22/09/2014
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Les journées européennes du patrimoine

From Saturday 20 September to Sunday 21 September 2014 : daily 

Many towns in Lille Métropole take part in the Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, where you can discover hidden traces of our heritage...

du 01/09/2014 au 21/09/2014
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Name festival


From Friday 19 September to Saturday 20 September 2014 : from 22h to 06h daily 

NAME Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary in September 2014!
NAME festival - Nord Art Musiques Electroniques - is a festival dedicated to electronic culture, whatever way you look at it. DJs, live gigs and VJs: the line up is made of stars of the dancefloor, strong music trends as well as new things! The NAME festival, it's also a day version in Lille Gare Saint Sauveur, masterclasses and events in associated venues of the metropolis.
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